Heidel: This is not a sporty fair competition

The positive as an impressive front: despite the highest difficult circumstances - coach Bo Svensson had to do without the isolation of ten players, including the positively tested Karim Onisiwo, on several potential family forces - the 1st FSV Mainz 05 has the new Bundesliga playing time with one Loudly celebrated 1: 0 success opens against RB Leipzig. Especially the passion that the Rheinhessen specifically placed in defense work on the day was paired with the great appearance of Torwart Robin Zentner the keys for certainly not planned three points at the start of the season.

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In such a game, a atmosphere that has become unfamiliar - and everyone is growing out for themselves for the home for which on the bench, summed up a joy-radiant FSV sports chief Martin Schmidt on the Dazn microphone under Lovely jubilings of the attachment (10,500 fans were live in the stadium). This victory was happy and fought, but also shows that the team spirit is right with us. As a result, we have a lot for a solid season. This is also the goal in Rheinhessen under the acclaimed coach Svensson, under the last season with 32 spheres of return (club record) still succeeded in the league.

Heidel and the vaccine effect

But the parent topic remained the summarized FSV squad this Sunday. After the four corona cases, including three players, the situation in the main earnings was very tense very tense - because eight non-vaccinated and not named professionals were sent in quarantine. Only the failure of striker Onisiwo was officially announced before the game.

In the meantime, Christian Heidel also commented on all the topic - and the sports board of the zero-fiver took clear words. First of all, on the topic of vaccination: Heidel hopes for a vaccination effect with his professionals - and supplemented: I could be very difficult to imagine today that Mainz 05 is committed again a player who is not vaccinated.

Background: Not all Bundesliga professionals have so far been vaccinated, not all players of the 1st FSV Mainz. On Saturday, Fürth's sports managing director Rachid Azzouzi had come to the topic. We try to convince through arguments, said the former Bundesliga professional TV channel SKY. But those who vaccinate can prevent themselves from taking themselves and then others through infections from the game. Azzouzi, however, also emphasized that the topic of vaccination must first be releasing every self. You can not blank, as the families of players had different health backgrounds.

Heidel and the question of the contemporary rule

But not only about Heidel talked about this from Mainz so successful afternoon. The 58-year-old ex-Schalke, who after his first FSV term (1992-2016) had returned to the breakpoint last year, with his speech also attacked the DFL - because it may also be in these uncertain Corona times in these remaining uncertain Corona times Give the means of a game shift. More specifically, Heidel called for the German Football League with a view to the currently tense Corona situation for rethinking: Surely it is not a sporty fair competition (with so many people behind; Note d. Red.) - Competitive distortion sounds almost criminal I would not take that at all in my mouth ... but I think that has nothing to do with fair sport now.

However, a Bundesliga game could only be dropped or discontinued if no nine professionals are available. Whether this rule is so contemporary - we are no longer a year ago, but now live in momentum - I'm already in question a bit. I think so you have to take care of the DFL again , For there can be no cancellation of a game, if in the rules stands that a team or a club has to comply with the game permission list must complete. We have a U 23 - completely clear that there are players in a playable age and may also be played for the professional team. But this is not the puzzle solution, just young and not so experienced players.

I'm not quite clear at the moment how a game should fail. Besides the entire team is set in quarantine and you have no nine professionals anymore.

Christian Heidel

That's why at the moment I do not quite clear how a game should fail, says Heidel. In addition to the entire team is set in quarantine and you have no nine professionals anymore. The condition also means that you do not have to have nine professionals more. But, you have to say that: we have undergone ourselves to all of these rules. That was a difficult phase just last, because it was also about television contracts, TV money ... We were all aware that the coming or can occur. Unfortunately it has caught us now with many failures. It's just like that But new thoughts for the future. ## Pictures for the game 1. FSV Mainz 05 - RB Leipzig


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